magnolia: a flower of perserverance

The fragrant blossoms of the magnolia were the chosen decor of Louisiana. It is so fitting that this flower is known for perserverance and dignity. The rebirth of New Orleans has also exhibited such virtues. Living in this city, I have become stirred in admiration for people who continue to work to make New Orleans whole. Though this blog is not only about New Orleans, a person’s thoughts can always be traced back to where they come from.

I love the Crescent City and all its bad with its good. I will try to share memories and offer fun suggestions for visiting New Orleans, while also reflecting on different new ideas or questions. Please share your ideas or opinions- I like to grow from others  perspectives. Inspired by art, ideas, and movements, I hope to quietly shout cheers of encouragement, share music that moves you, and show how a city that believes– will keep on blooming.