Kristin Diable

She hails from Baton Rouge. She wails like you’ve never heard before. She nails every note and lyric. Her name is Kristin Diable. And not only has she reached her way into the New Orleans music scene, but she has also scooped up a few rising songwriters to showcase as well. For the past few weeks, Frenchmen Street’s hippest new venue, Three Muses, has hosted Kristin Diable and her Speakeasy Songwriter’s Revue. The event features Diable, her stories in song, and two other lucky guests who, Diable feels, deserve to be heard. She humbly promotes them in between sets and before and after the show through various social media tools.
Diable’s spicy rhythm’s, raw lyrics, and simple chord progressions leave listeners tapping their feet and singing along. Her message and style varies from rustically simple to refined and complex. With songs like ‘Be My Husband’ and ‘Sister Sadie,’ you can almost feel yourself entering the scene with her as she pines for a future spouse or cries for her sweet sister to save herself. In some songs, her melodies, combined with innocent musings and pleas, tug at your heart and make you feel like your seven years old again. Some may draw a tear, while others leave you smiling.
It is clear that Diable is inspired by the Big Easy and the spirit that New Orleans has so powerfully exuded to songwriters for decades. It’s good to have someone who is not native to the city merge so gracefully into the spotlight. She fits right into the Frenchmen Street vibe but she could easily come perform in your living room or at a fancy party. Wherever she’s singing, she’s telling a great story. You won’t want to miss it.


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