‘Twas four nights before christmas…

…and Thomas’ last night in nola. We decided to have a little evening together to celebrate the season and the end of his last fall semester of law school. We started off with Walter “Wolfman” Washington’s free christmas concert at St. Louis Cathedral. It was a nice jazzy spin on the traditional christmas classics. His sax player was amazing. Then we had a nice stroll through the quarter back to the car and got to see the new Camelia Grill….which I am sooo excited about. We hopped over Canal St. and stopped for a cocktail at Cafe Adelaide’s Swizzle Stick bar. I had a holiday martini called the “Holly Berry” and Thomas picked his usual, an old fashioned. But, this one had satsuma…which, he noted, had a smooth cut into the bourbon.  Then we walked to one of the best restaurants in the city, Cochon. We ate our little hearts out. Read about that here .

The Christmas season in New Orleans really is something special. Hope your enjoying it with your loved ones too!


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