Calm and Bright

Those were the ideas I had chosen to focus on this Christmas. I really like the idea of something maintaining a brightness even while it is at rest or peaceful or just content. There were some moments of that this Christmas. Unfortunately,  there were also those moments of confusion, exhaustion, and loneliness. There is one thing I know I re- learned this Christmas. We are all suffering…either slightly or way or another. And the reminder of that humble, faithful Holy Family keeps  nudging us to trust again and again in God’s will for our lives.  Someone once told me, “You are not alone in this.” Isn’t it a relief to know that?

As we approach this New Year, let’s unite in our joys and sufferings and stop feeling alone or scared or sad about whatever it is in our life that isn’t perfect.  The only way we can find peace or joy is if we adapt to that constant opportunity that time offers– to embrace the “newness” of each moment. We have everything that we need– it is the way we choose to react or not react that allows us to carry on calmly.

 To make a resolution means to resolve something, to turn something old into something new- to change! But, we must do it  with a meekness and patience.Everything around us is changing and moving and growing. So, why shouldn’t we?

Hope wherever you are this New Year  you can calmly embrace change and resolve to stay bright!


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