I love this day of the year–it encompasses the end of one season, the beginning of a new year, and also the beginning of carnival. Without this day- who knows what we’d call that delicious purple, green and gold sugared cake. Without it, many cultures all over the world would be really boring. Without it, we may forget that first “manifestation” of the Christ child to the gentiles.

I feel like many people, no matter what they believe, have some respect for the magi. They represent an entirely different approach to seeking truth. They blend their wisdom of science and faith to follow the star and allow the beauty of the universe to guide their way. They humbly bring gifts, but, they don’t really know who they are bringing them to. They remain focused and open to discovering something far greater than they have ever imagined.

I am so excited to start another year and experience the joys of carnival. Hopefully, we can all remember the gift of the magi as this season begins. I wish you all a happy and healthy new year and many epiphanies to come!

Read all about Epiphany and how it is celebrated around the world here

“If the Magi had come in search of an earthly King, they would have been disconcerted at finding that they had taken the trouble to come such a long way for nothing. Consequently they would have neither adored nor offered gifts. But since they sought a heavenly King, though they found in Him no signs of royal pre-eminence, yet, content with the testimony of the star alone, they adored: for they saw a man, and they acknowledged a God.”

~St. John Chrysostom


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