around the world

I lived in Tuscany for a little while last summer (2009).I took this photo one night before dinner. Life is so simple and beautiful there. The land rejoices in its abundance. This plant’s growth towards that tiny spec of moon speaks of the countryside’s wonder and the wonderful souls who inhabit it.

An Italian birthday celebration, or festa de compleanno, is quite similar to an American birthday party. The cakes are a little more delicious, though. One of my favorite things I ate in Europe is featured in this picture in the bowl there….fried sage. incredibly delicious.

A quick trip to Florence was the perfect glimpse of the city life in Italy. From the Basilica to the old bridges to the random streetcorners, there was alot to see and alot to be discovered.

 The Ponte Vecchio, or Old Bridge, stretches across the Arno River in Florence.

Found this when I was heading back towards the apartment….somebody really needed to keep something secret.

Written below a chalk artists work. So many ways to say thank you!

Back in the countryside. Some nights the colors were so bright it seemed as if the sky was on fire.

And then morning would come…and the land would start rejoicing again- towards the sky.

Like the clouds conducted their movements….

Oh the joy in hanging up clothes to dry and lying on a hammock while you wait…

This is Colombaia, the house of the doves, this is where I lived in Tuscany.

And this is one of the bottles that Colombaia produces. It is something sweet to drink wine that was made from the grapes growing 9 feet from where you are sitting…

more to come


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