Iko Iko!

Ok. So, it was a sad weekend in New Orleans. However, I think that we have to be grateful for the season we had. For the most part, the Saints worked hard(to the point of injury, for some) and maintained their fighting spirit. It doesn’t mean we can’t “repeat dat” one day…it just might not be as soon as we’d hoped.

 But in the spirit of carnival, and in the spirit of optimism, let’s consider that even making it to the play-offs deserves an IKO IKO! I recently did a little wiki research on this West African/Indian expression to find that it was used as a victory chant and also means “well done” , or “congratulations” among other West African groups. So let’s bestow some joy and kudos and bless our boys! There’s always next year.


‘Twas four nights before christmas…

…and Thomas’ last night in nola. We decided to have a little evening together to celebrate the season and the end of his last fall semester of law school. We started off with Walter “Wolfman” Washington’s free christmas concert at St. Louis Cathedral. It was a nice jazzy spin on the traditional christmas classics. His sax player was amazing. Then we had a nice stroll through the quarter back to the car and got to see the new Camelia Grill….which I am sooo excited about. We hopped over Canal St. and stopped for a cocktail at Cafe Adelaide’s Swizzle Stick bar. I had a holiday martini called the “Holly Berry” and Thomas picked his usual, an old fashioned. But, this one had satsuma…which, he noted, had a smooth cut into the bourbon.  Then we walked to one of the best restaurants in the city, Cochon. We ate our little hearts out. Read about that here .

The Christmas season in New Orleans really is something special. Hope your enjoying it with your loved ones too!

Matt’s Trees

And we have yet another great soul trying to help make New Orleans pretty and green again. Sadly, Matt Sloan passed away during his project. So, his family took over in trying to  fulfill his dreams. Follow this link to read all about it and vote for him through the Pepsi Refresh Project. What a simple way to bring back beauty and hope for New Orleans and for Matt’s family.

a marching band on canal st.

So, last night my class ended early and I wandered around canal place for a little while. After a depressing visit to Anthropologie(where even sale items are outrageously out of my budget), I ended up finding some boots on sale elsewhere. When I went to purchase them,I stumbled upon a group of women from Finland that were in town for a pharmaceutical convention. They conversed about how they were happy the convention was over and how they were ready to see the crocodiles tomorrow and visit Bourbon Street. While both of those touristy ideas could be exciting for some finnish females, I wished I had had time to give them a hand drawn map and a few lists of neighborhoods and other venues to explore. I wanted them to go back to their country in awe of this unique city (with more than photos of a crocodile and souvenir cups from their Pat O’s Hurricane.) Unfortunately, I was unable to catch them to itinerize the rest of their stay.
    Walking back to my steal of a parking spot, I thought I heard the far off drumbeats that often fill the air during carnival season. Once I headed down Canal, I was sure that I heard a full blown marching band. Rolling down my windows and stretching my neck out, I was excited to find just that! There they were…in the middle of November… drawing a crowd and a mini-parade behind them.There was music and dancing in the streets as if it were a holiday. I have no idea what event was being held. But, it doesn’t matter really. What matters is maybe, just maybe, the Finns and other tourists of New Orleans were able to see what this city is truly about. A marching band on Canal St. might have changed just a few visitor’s opinions last night. And there is another reason why I love this city.