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Wow. You can’t just talk about Cochon. You have to taste it. I’ll do my best to share it with you in words. We started with the boucherie plate…. paper thin slices of cured meats, various pickled veggies, pork liver, little housemade breads, and perfectly peppered mustard. The toscana and country bologna were so flavorful. As I savored each slice, I wanted to let it lay on my tongue and just stay

there. I also really enjoyed the liver on the housemade breads. Light and lovely. And I almost forgot! the baby slim jims! Thomas detected the nutmeg in them…and they tasted like the food version of his delicious bourbon milk punches-spices in your face!

Throughout the meal, Thomas enjoyed two of his favorite Lazy Magnolia brews and I sipped on a Cochon specialty cocktail, the Louisiana Hayride. Let’s just say –I could have stayed on that hayride all night long. So tasty! It was like it came from a baked apple cinnamon well fermenting out back.

Then the feast. I ordered the special- which was melt in your mouth pork shoulder, the best southern greens i have ever had, and a roasted cauliflower puree. Thomas ordered the cochon with yummy cracklins, turnips, and cabbage. In between bites of our entrees, we indulged in a creamy serving of their famous mac n’ cheese. Needless to say, we had a wonderful meal. I am so happy I’m not on the paleo diet right now. ..because I already have an ahnvee for some more cajun cuisine!


Santa Fe

Last Friday, I went with Thomas, Laine, and Stephen to the Faubourg St. John restaurant, Santa Fe. We experienced wonderful service and a delcious meal. I do not feel very confident discussing mexican food, but I will say that it was delicious! I liked the guacamole the best; it had the perfect hint of lime and cilantro. Also, I felt like their food had a lightness to it–like it didn’t leave you feeling weighed down. Anyhow, here are a few  pictures.



Crescent Pie and Sausage Company

I can’t wait to write about how good this place is. I just don’t have the focus right now. Still, you should focus on making a lunch or dinner date there very soon. It. is. delicious. CP&SC


Dante’s Kitchen

On the corner of Dante and Leake on the riverbend, there is a kitchen on fire. Metaphorically, that is. With a focus on locally grown vegetables and seasonal accents to the menu, Dante’s Kitchen is sure to satisfy both in taste and service. This past weekend, Thomas and his folks invited my mom and I to dinner. When the chosen spot switched from Drago’s to Dante’s, we reminded ourselves that we did just have oyster sunday ( a family tradition for my Grammy’s birthday that includes, well, LOTS of oysters) the previous weekend, and we let it go.

Upon searching Dante’s menu, I was quickly very excited about the new selection. Greeted by a very friendly waitress, we felt well informed and comfortable about the menu. My mom and I split the crab cake as a starter. It. was. delicious. Then came the lamb three ways. Let’s just say it was not sheepish in flavor or presentation. As for sides, Thomas and I split the carmelized onion mashed potatoes. From the Local Farm vegetable selection, I also chose the layered farm vegetables with mixed squashes and creole tomatoes. Another waiter shared details about the different squashes in the dish and chatted with Thomas and his dad. His joint interest in Ornitholgy left Mr. Mike very impressed.

Ms. Cathey, and the rest of the ladies at the table, were bummed when our server brought the disappointing news earlier in the night that the cushaw pumpkin soup had been eighty-sixed. Luckily, we compensated at dessert. Yep, not only did we order the cushaw pumpkin pie, but also passed around a chocolate brownie with ginger ice cream and a winning slice of carrot cake. Let’s just say, six weeks of the paleo diet made the wait for sweets all the more worth it! Thomas ordered a spiced chai with rye whiskey, cinnamon, and nutmeg. A few sips of that and the carousel tastings of desserts was a zesty way to end the evening. So folks, if you are looking for a fresh and unique New Orleans kitchen, head down the riverbend to Dante’s Kitchen . You will love it!



When you are not concerned about eating healthy, and you are concerned about giving your taste buds and your belly a flavor festival, head to Domilise’s. You will not leave hungry, but you will leave feeling rich with satisfaction after you have shoveled up every last crumb of your po-boy.


Roost: A Simple Life-Spiced Carrot Cake

Just found the most delicious sounding carrot cake! It’s on one of my favorite blogs. See recipe and more


Eco Cafe

New Olreanians, esp. Mid City Slickers, you must check out this lovely little cafe on the corner of Canal and Scott St. It is called Eco Cafe, and it is unique in its menu, juice bar, furniture, and overall ambience. True to its name, the cafe provides bio-degradable plastic containers and most of their produce comes from local markets. It is a simple, healthy choice for a pleasant brunch or lunch outing. Learn more and glance at the menu here:



So for the past five weeks, I have attempted to try the Paleo Diet. Aside from a few glasses of wine here and there, some sneaks of treats, and the occasional cheese indulgence, I have remained faithful. However, I am looking forward to a large platter filled with dark chocolate, stinky cheese, stacy’s pita chips, and many spirits to wash it all down as soon as the challenge ends. Below is the blog for the Paleo Challenge and other related sites.


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